We reveal the cheapest days to fly and the best time to buy plane tickets, it will save you a lot of money!

This is an excellent article which was made by Natalia Urreta from farecompare.com, which shows you how to find cheap air tickets. We wanted to share it with you and hope you enjoy it.

Let’s start with the two most important things that every ticket buyer should do.


Rule # 1 – Always Compare Airfares.

It’s super easy: Always compare rates. No airline offers the best prices. Neither Spirit, nor Southwest, not always – and Rick Seany, travel expert and CEO of FareComprare has proven it. If you do not compare ticket prices (and only take a second) you can pay much more money.

Rule # 2 – Flight Alert Program.

If you know where you want to go, schedule a flight alert. It is very fast to do so and the offers come to you. When you see an offer it acts fast; Others have also programmed alerts and the cheapest chairs are always limited.


Flying hungry, flying weary: In other words, it flies when people do not like to travel by plane like at meal times, in the early morning, or at night. Follow these general guidelines as always, but as there are always exceptions, another good reason to compare rates and compare rates at different days and times.

  • Cheapest Days: The cheapest days to fly are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Expensive Days: The most expensive days to fly are Fridays and Sundays.
  • Cheapest hours to fly: Fly when most people do not want to travel like flights at night, during the night and flights during meal / lunch or dinner time.

Can not fly in the days or the cheapest times in both directions? Do it one way from your trip and you still get half the savings.


When to start looking for your plane tickets and when to close the purchase.

  • Best Day to Buy: FareCompare information shows that the best day to book a flight in the United States is Tuesday at 3 pm ET. At this time, the airlines will have announced their offers and the competition will have tied or improved their prices and you will have more offers from which to choose.
  • When to start and finish your purchase: Purchase very late and you will have to pay the last minute high prices usually obtained by business travelers but buying too early can also cost more. These are the windows to get the best rates.
  • Domestic tickets in the USA: Buy 3 tables 30 days before your departure.
  • International Rates: Buy between 5 ½ months and 1 ½ months before your departure.
  • High season trips: During the high season like June, July and August or the December holidays, buy tickets two months in advance.


If you can be flexible with your travel plans, a little inconvenience will save you a lot of money.

  • Flights with connection : Direct flights are more convenient but you can regularly find better deals on flights with connections, adding a stop (or two) can sometimes save up to 50%.
  • Larger Airports : Airports more grids (especially hubs or hubs) usually offer cheaper rates. Compare prices from your airport to those of a larger nearby airport and you may find that driving a little more may be worth it in savings.


When you’re not buying just for yourself.

Purchase one ticket at a time: When booking tickets for two or more people, book a ticket to get started. Do this because in the airline reservation system there is a peculiarity that requires that multiple tickets, sold in individual transactions, are all of the same price. For example: An airline has only one ticket at $ 50 and the rest is $ 100. If you are buying two, you will pay $ 200 in total, but if you buy one at a time, you will pay $ 150 in total.

Source of information: http://saludconremedios.com/

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