The danger of abuse of omeprazole: This medicine is not any proton pump inhibitors, omeprazole rather it is a potent inhibitor of gastric acid so necessary for the centralization of microbes and digestion.

This antacid can go from hero to villain in a matter of a few years. “ The setback is that the people in order to avoid a picture as gastritis, it becomes part of your life, regardless that after two years of consuming it daily, the absorption of vitamin B12 is affected, causing a deficit which can result in conditions like anemia, depression, neurological impairment or dementia.


The individual will notice the changes when weakness and fatigue in your body becomes habitual. Vitamin B12 is related to the red blood cell production and work processes in the central nervous system.

Linked omeprazole also scientifically seen a decrease in calcium absorption and because of this, an increase in fractures.

It has also been associated with increased respiratory infections in older adults, although this is no longer the lack of vitamin, but because stomach acid gives some protection against bacteria and when omeprazole a barrier against acid, were more exposed to these … said Monica Hidalgo, doctor of pharmacy National Drug Information Center (Cimed) of the University of Costa Rica.

A recent survey by the Kaiser Permanente Institute in the US associated intake of this medicine and the like with B12 deficiency, evaluating about 26 thousand patients who had a diagnosis of insufficiency of the vitamin. They found that people who took a treatment of a pill a day for two years, had a 65% higher risk of presenting B12 deficiency, while those taking 1.5 pills a day, the risk increased to 95%.

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