Mega trick to increase 4 times the speed of your internet

It is very frustrating when your internet connection is too slow or in the worst case falls too often, the truth that everyone has this happened and this causes rather than having a good experience on the web, the navigate the internet becomes a headache.

To help with the headaches that causes a slow or intermittent Internet, here are some basic tips that although it seems not everyone puts it into practice and believe it or not you solve your problem almost instantaneously.

aumentar-velocidad-de internet


The first thing to do is to place the modem or router as close to the place where you use most often your computer, laptop or Smartphone. Second point to consider is to have no place pending the modem or router with microwaves, refrigerators or metal objects, as these could cause interference and is therefore weaken the signal of the WIFI network. As a third point, you should not split a wall or wall modem or router computer, laptop or Smartphone you use most often (the closer you are, it is much better).

It is necessary that you try that your computer is at a height of 2 0 3 meters, this in order that the signal to be transmitted has greater coverage. Believe it or not you should try to always keep the modem or router properly cleaned, because if it is dusty you could make your connection has intermittency or Internet speed is extremely slow (clean it at least once or twice a week).

Studies have been conducted that indicate that you should not place the router or modem in a place where many people there, since the human body is composed of 70% water and water directly interferes with the WIFI signal.

As a last tip, but no less important is that you try to micro-filters are new or in good condition, because if they are not in good condition, it will make every time a call is made to your home network fall. Therefore, as usual change takes at least 2 times a year.

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