Indu woman gives birth without cesarean 11 babies! MEDICAL MIRACLE AMAZES!

Being a mother is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman, it is considered one of the best experiences you can spend, as summarized in the gratification of giving life.

Today you will know the story of Ana Hernandez, a woman who had an amazing pregnancy. Ana Hernandez 41 years old is a very brave and healthy woman.

All his life he wants to be mother and after many years decided to undergo a fertility program but achieved nothing, soon got the response remained pregnant naturally.



The first few weeks everything was in a good way, until the doctor performed an echo and realized that it was 11 babies. The doctor recommended that a medical abortion as it was very exaggerated for the body of the mother, but she could not do that with their little babies and decided to continue with this great challenge.

38 weeks of fighting and a lot of care, Ana entered the delivery room. The most surprising is that the woman had the 11 babies naturally. You think that labor was very laborious, but the truth is that doctors were completely stunned. Work hard labor only 2 hours and the babies were born one after another in just 18 minutes.

Thank God all babies are completely healthy, and are sure that 6 of the 11 newborns are twins. Doctors at the hospital in San Francisco believe that everything happened for a miracle, they thought that the mother could not do all that he did to save the lives of their children.

Moreover, the hospital nurses contacted the makers of Guinness Records that were present during the delivery of babies, is expected to Ana and her babies leave in the edition of this book in 2016. This story is very surprising no one expects a woman to have the ability to give birth to many children, from that moment his life changed in every way, you can say it was very blessed and fortunate.

Do not forget to share this story, it is good that all women who can not have children to see that miracles are possible, they must have a lot of faith and hope. Everything is possible, just ask Ana Hernandez is now the happy mother of 11 babies.

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