Finally arthritis cure was discovered, rheumatism and joint diseases

If you suffer from arthritis, rheumatism or other joint disease, this article will be very useful because it will show you a recipe that has become extremely famous for its effectiveness and quick results that can be obtained with the same. In addition, this recipe is made with all-natural products.


This recipe was created and used by a German-American named Ernst Günter, who is now father of a church.

For the remedy has its greatest effect, we ask you to please follow the step by step we will show you below to make the recipe and the way in which you should use. Ask you something in exchange for this healing recipe is please let us know how it went with it in the comments.

Note that this mixture you should wear it in places where you feel pain, and act specifically where the problem is.





Preparation and usage:

You have to put in 3 ounces of water, soak a full spoon of flax seed. It is recommended to cook for 10 minutes until a mixture flax seed become.

The next step is to wash the potatoes with shells and all. Also washes the onion. Then when the water with flaxseed to cool, add the potatoes and onions, and mix everything together. And finally draining excess fluid mix.

If you have problems with your toes, fingers, hand or heels, put the mixture into a clean socks or gloves, and then put it in the hands or feet and wrap it in a bag, so that excess liquid I can not get out.

Now when it comes to other parts of the body such as the spine, ribs, hips, knees, etc. We recommend that you first put the mixture in cheesecloth and then place in the affected area, wrap the whole area with a bandage to be concentrated in the affected area. You have to try to keep the gauze overnight and wash with soap and water in the morning.

If the onion have any side effects unwanted, such as redness or skin irritation, you can first spread some olive oil or you can simply wrap the mixture with a little gauze.

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