AMAZING! Magic from very fine to very thick hair, Grow your hair very fast at night with this single ingredient!

Most people simply overlook the amazing benefits of this oil for hair and skin, as they see it as an oil with a sticky, thick consistency.

The truth is that this is a natural and affordable remedy that is perfect for many skin and hair conditions. So you should not ignore the benefits of castor oil.


Castor oil is a great remedy if you have fine hair. It also helps to minimize scar tissue and get soft and shiny lips.


  • Buy pressed and cold organic castor oil (which must be hexane-free)
  • Apply castor oil to your eyebrows daily after washing your face at night.
  • Do it for 3 months and your eyebrows will be significantly darker and thicker. It will be best to apply castor oil every night.


Hair treatment

You must apply the castor oil on the head, eyelashes and eyebrows. This oil contains high amounts of ricinoleic acid.This acid is a highly effective natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, and aids in the inhibition of hair growth by bacteria or fungi.

 Another way castor oil works is because it coats your hair and prevents it from falling out. It is loaded with omega-9 fatty acids, which gives food to the hair, follicle and surrounding skin. Castor oil will penetrate deep into the pores and follicles and provide food. It is the follicle where the hair is produced. Because castor oil has high gloss, it also gives a good shine to the hair.


Just put 2 drops of castor oil in your hands. Rub them gently through the ends of hair. Do not apply excess of it, since it does not want to have very heavy grease. A subtle glow can be more than enough.

It should be applied very light and increase it to find the right amount that is ideal for your hair type. You can use castor oil as the treatment of the scalp and grow back the hair on the head.

Castor oil can be transmitted by adding melted apricot seed oil, coconut oil or some other light oil.

Pure castor oil may be perfect for thinning the edges of the hairline. Apply this oil for your eyelashes with one hand.It will help in getting your lashes stronger and thicker, and in preventing them from becoming thin and loosening.

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